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The massage chair goes through three stages of massage techniques to ensure the maximum massage benefits and relaxation. RJM Massage Chairs has 8 rollers that cycles through the three massage actions of Rolling, Kneading, and S Motion Rolling.

Rolling:massage hands Your massage begins with the up and down rolling motion, this is the same way a professional massage therapist would start. Rolling warms up and loosens muscles to enable your body to receive a deeper theraputic massage while relieving tension. Rolling helps stretch the spine and relieve pressure on the discs. The four massage wheels roll up and down the spine to help invigorate spinal nerve roots and diminish muscular back pain. These four massage heads are optimal for improving blood circulation.

Kneading: Kneading is a technique which is more intense than rolling. It relieves soreness and releases "knots" while stretching back muscles. This therapy is best known for improving circulation and delivering vital nutrients to the spinal area while revitalizing muscles and tissue.

S Motion Rolling: Rollers perform continuous swivel motion while rolling. This motion produces the feeling of palms, thumbs, and fingers applying a circular pressure. This friction massage technique penetrates deeper layers of muscles and tendons.

 Our chairs were properly tested and meet all standards of the FDA and CE compliance.